How to Reset Verizon Email Account Password

Reset Verizon Email Account Password

Reset Verizon Email Account Password – Nowadays we have to create many email accounts, one for office on for personal one for friends, one for social media etc. There are many email service provider which attract us to create an account. Finally, we end up having many email accounts and many passwords for them. If we have not used the same password for all and mostly we don’t because there are some accounts we share with people like our colleagues or family members. There are chances that w don’t remember all the passwords and forget some of them.

Now different email service provider has different methods to reset the passwords. Verizon also has a different way to reset the password. If you are having trouble to login your account because you have forgotten the password, keep reading this and you would be able to reset your password at the end of this post.

Resetting your password might need some information like your Verizon user id (which don’t need to be the same as your email id), your billing zip code, and your registered mobile number with Verizon and potentially the answer to the secret question you have mentioned during the creation of that Verizon account.

Follow these steps to reset your Verizon email account password:

  1. Open your internet browser and go to the Verizon official website.
  2. Click on Sign in/Register at the top right corner.
  3. Now click on ‘Password’ under ‘Sign in’ button.

4. Now you need to enter the 10-digit mobile number then click I’m not a robot.

5. Follow the on-screen prompts and fill the captcha if asked.

6. Click on Continue.

7. Enter the billing zip code for the account then click Continue.


8. Select an option then click Send Me a Temporary Password.

  • Send the temporary password as a text message.
  • Send the temporary password to the email address on the account.

9. Enter the temporary password then click Sign In.

10. Enter the new password into the Create and Confirm Password fields then click Continue.

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